//Ready for the OFF (nearly)

Ready for the OFF (nearly)

So its taken what seems like weeks (more like months) to prepare Locksley and ourselves for the off. Tomorrow we’ll finally get to the boat with a final preparation day on Friday and off for Saturday morning at 9am. CanCam will be working from the off (hopefully) and if my coding is perfect will work faultlessly for the entire 8 weeks, anyone whose done any coding before and those who have any kind of common sense will know it won’t work like that. The reality of it all is that I’ll expect days when it decides to work or not and there maybe gaps in the video time lapse, but after all this is a trial and trials have a tendancy to find fault.

We’ve cleaned the boat had it blacked, fixed a couple of niggly issues, so we are now ready to go. The boat we suspect is twice as heavy, can you have 17 tonnes or tinned food, drinks, cereal on a boat, anyone would of thought we’re leaving the shore and heading out to sea rather than just up a canal with a shop, restaurant and pub every few miles. Anyway we’ve packed for every eventuality and in all honesty have probably enjoyed the preperation stage as well as the actual going bit.

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Owner of Locksley and developer of the CanCam device for taking live time lapse video of the canal system. Always up for a laugh, never take it all too serious.