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About Us

Mike Clark

Having over 30 years experience in all forms of Information Technology and during that time being deeply embeded into anything IT related, pretty much not a day has gone by that I didn’t code something, anyway after all this I need a change!

During my time I’ve been involved in multi-player DOOM (those who don’t know what this is, your too young to read this site), Visual Basic 1.0 (using MSDOS only), multi-concurrent DOS (don’t ask, who said DOS didn’t network), Spectrum 48k programming (its overwhelming the excitement of filling a screen with a load of coloured blocks instantaneously), Paradox & DBase databases (now both gone).

Now I’m a contracting C# developer (semi-retired).

So why this site; well its an experiment really to see whether we can utilise technology and apps to enhance canal users experience on the canal network. Its not meant as a lets do as much as possible with technology that we can, its more about lets see whether IT can enhance our interest and enjoyment of the canals.

Mike on “Locksley”.

Lesley Chandler

Lots and lots of experience in technical and business analysing along with high moral capacity makes Lesley a formidable force, but guess what she also needs a change. So with an expectation and excitment of new pastures we are intending to set off together to have some fun and meet lots of new people.

Lesley on “Locksley”.