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This FREE “Canal Map” is a specialised android app which places markers for points of interest and boating services on the UK Canal and River network map. It is the only fully customisable and instantaneously updated map for the canal network and has been designed to be extended as we gain new information. The map allows the user to navigate around the canal network whether using a boat, cycling or walking, its free to all users. We do however also offer some “Premium” features within this mobile app which if you subscribe to will help cover our ongoing costs for producing and upkeeping this service, thank you.

FREE Canal Map for Android designed by narrow boaters for narrow boaters

All maps FREE to download and use
All map updates FREE
Navigate around the UK Canal Network
Map updated in background instantly
Ability to download individual maps
Download maps using Wifi, 3G or 4G
Download does not stop you using your phone
Over 45,000 points of interest
Over 6,000 pubs
Over 20,000 places to eat
Water points, turning points, pump outs etc
Premium subscription gives you extra features