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Version Release

The following list identifies the releases for the “Canal Map UK” application in google play store…




2.x First release to production
2.x Initial beta releases for the beta testers, new features are significant and include. Brand new interface, points of interest can be updated dynamically now from server and everyone gets the latest version instantly, new branding in the its called “Canal Map UK” now, ability to track users and see where they are on the canal network, users can advertise there social media content, ability to see what points of interest are overlapped, all 45k points of interest are updated and sent to users phone if any are changed, must faster interface, much faster downloading, ability to search on specific points of interest, filter out points of interest you are not interested in (not everyone likes sushi!), ALL Map are now FREE, but we have introduced a Premium service. Feb 2018
We have entered the winter development season and as such are planning a brand new Canal Map for the new year, having taking on board some of the discussion from our users we are looking to improve as we go into 2018. Winter
1.30 Update to include change to adding markers to allow for future amendments in January 10/10/2017
1.20-1.29 Internal release only
1.19 Updates to some issues found during user use, also addition of adding photographs and text to markers 03/09/2017
1.18 Internal release only
1.17 Amendments to main version to tackle app exiting when not expected 18/08/2017
1.16 Introducing adding markers and symbols to the main map 11/08/2017
1.15 Clearing up some persistant errors when loading the map which made the map exit 09/08/2017
 1.10-1.14 Initial testing phase 01/08/2017